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Region VIII Solid Waste Authority

Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Service


Tire Amnesty Events:

All events run from 9 am to 3 pm

Mineral County WV                 August 17, 2019             Fort Ashby Fairgrounds, Fort Ashby WV

Pendleton County WV            September 14, 2019       Franklin Oil Company, Franklin WV

Grant County WV                    October 5, 2019               RCS Trucking, Grant County Industrial Park, Petersburg WV


Waste Pesticide Drop Off Event:

August 10, 2019 from 9 am to 3 pm at Hampshire County High School, Romney WV

Acceptable Items:

Anything classified as a pesticide, including:

Insecticide - Products used to eliminate ants, roaches, termites, and other common household insects.  Also used to control insects in lawns and gardens.

Herbicide - Products used to eliminate unwanted plants in lawns and gardens.

Rodenticide - Products used to eliminate rodents.  May resemble pet food or bird seed.

Fungicide - Products that control the growth of fungi, mold or mildew.

Bactericide - Products used to control bacteria

Larvicide - Products used to control insects that are in the larval stage of life, such as larva, grubs, maggots and caterpillars.  These products are most commonly used to control mosquitos.

Aerosol Cans - Products such as wasp and hornet sprays and insect repellents.

Weed & Feed - Fertilizer that includes a herbicide in the formula.

Canceled Pesticides - Products that are no longer on the market.

Unacceptable Items: 

Pressurized Cylinders, Paint, Gasoline/Propane, Motor Oil, Cleaning Products, Medications, Any other chemicals not classified as a pesticide.